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Beginnings and middles

April 11, 2008

There is no apparent way to begin a blog, and anyway they say you’re supposed to start things in the middle. So I’m launching this sports blog at the most ‘middle’ moment I could find in all sports: the travel day after the MLB All-Star Game. Doesn’t get more centrist than that.

Parry and Joust will cover modern sports and modern sports culture. I’m calling it a modern athletics blog, mostly because that makes it sound different. Its biases and interests will make themselves obvious, but by way of a rough starting summary:

baseball > Philadelphia Phillies > MLB > tennis (grass and clay courts) > Philadelphia Eagles > Boston Red Sox > Tour de France > tennis (all surfaces) > Olympics (track & field; swimming) > Olympics (all events) > NFL > Philadelphia 76ers > PGA Tour > Bay Area sports (general) > NCAA basketball

Specific distastes include televised college football (live, there’s no argument), NFL analysts speaking out of season, and Tim McCarver pedantry. Speaking of which, find my first (well, second) post below (well, above).

–Ted W.