The vaunted 9-hitter…

The ‘x-hits’ format is a way of expressing admiration for a pitched game which, while not a no-hitter, was still quite impressive. Commonly it appears near the word ‘hapless’. As in, “J.A. Happ 2-hits hapless Nats.”

But what are the rules governing this? How many hits can an SP give up and still qualify for an “x-hits” headline? I’ve noticed a dismaying trend of overinflated hit heds recently. In July, I read of a Johan Santana 6-hitter, which set off alarm bells. And last week, my fantasy league feed informed me that Brett Meyers had just “tossed a 9-hitter.” A joke? The text-box seemed dead serious.

I say we draw a firm line at the 4-hitter. 4.5, maybe–perhaps a hit really should have been scored an error. I’ll concede 5 if the hurler spent a decent part of his evening flirting with an actual no-no, thus putting the question of hit count in our minds.

Can an argument be made to go as far as 6? Am I already being too liberal with 5? Perspectives welcomed…


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