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Unsportsmen of the Years

August 27, 2008 has posted a great slideshow of “unsportsmanlike” incidents at various Olympics. The best one: a Soviet fencer who installed a magical-sounding button in the hilt of his sword, allowing him to register a touch even when the blade fell short.


The rest is noisy

August 9, 2008

You know you’re in a B-list Olympics event if…  loud, unexplained noises occur in the middle of your event. And no-one apologizes. And frankly, no-one in the stands seems to be watching. (Who are the Beijing Olympic badminton spectators, anyway??)

Also— This NBC website graf on shuttlecock romance is amazing:

“China’s Lin Dan and Xie Xinfang — No. 1 in the world and with each other (they are boyfriend-girlfriend) — will be the centers of attention in the Olympics badminton tournament.”

Can I write copy for When I was 12??