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Unsportsmen of the Years

August 27, 2008 has posted a great slideshow of “unsportsmanlike” incidents at various Olympics. The best one: a Soviet fencer who installed a magical-sounding button in the hilt of his sword, allowing him to register a touch even when the blade fell short.


Rotational momentum

August 10, 2008

Am kind of liking this Olympic basketball, the way the the lines let you see the rotation on shots. It reminds me of the “pro” ball in Wii bowling. It is important to earn that ball, I feel, because only when you’re able to read your spin clearly can you truly understand–and, one hopes, learn from–your mechanical mistakes.

The rest is noisy

August 9, 2008

You know you’re in a B-list Olympics event if…  loud, unexplained noises occur in the middle of your event. And no-one apologizes. And frankly, no-one in the stands seems to be watching. (Who are the Beijing Olympic badminton spectators, anyway??)

Also— This NBC website graf on shuttlecock romance is amazing:

“China’s Lin Dan and Xie Xinfang — No. 1 in the world and with each other (they are boyfriend-girlfriend) — will be the centers of attention in the Olympics badminton tournament.”

Can I write copy for When I was 12??

“I want to draw your attention to the membrane or scrim…”

August 8, 2008

Thinking about these Olympics here: It’ll be interesting to see how strongly NBC edits their coverage of the events. I’m not too hopeful. Not broadcasting the Opening Ceremony live was a patently strange call. Live sporting events are shown live all the time (granted, this wasn’t exactly “sports,” but that wasn’t NBC’s point). The Aussie Open is on at 3:30am–but not the Olympics? Anecdotally, it sounds like folks in other nations at least got the option of the live show. I mean, they’re going to re-broadcast it 11 times anyway…

The point carries over into the sports. NBC seems to think their job is to pick what’s worth watching. Lots of simultaneous events, sure, we know… how about just outsourcing to MS- and CNBC? Turn cameras on, let us do our thing–that’s the ticket.